• Simple booking and cheaper options for hair styling and makeup application services for multiple events.
  • One price guide for all PROS. We keep it simple…no matter which PRO you choose; their prices are the same!
  • The option for in-studio or on-site services. Each PRO can either come to you fully equipped or service your event’s hairstyling and makeup application needs in their studio. The choice is yours at time of booking.
  • Our PRO community consists of hairstylists and/or makeup artists with over 6 years of experience. 


  • For weddings a minimum of 2 services. For example, 2 hairstyles + 1 makeup = 3 services (Trial runs are not included in the wedding day minimum services required.)
  • For portraits a minimum of both hair and makeup, as you will see reflected in the price guide.
  • For commercial shoots a minimum of our half-day charge to come onsite.


  • If you’re having makeup we suggest not waxing your brows or receiving an “out of the ordinary” facial any closer than 5 days prior to the event. (For brow grooming we strongly suggest threading vs waxing, results are more natural).
  • Your trial run should be done within 2-6 weeks before your wedding if possible. Trial runs are a separate charge and they are not required but strongly suggested
  • We also suggest that your face be well exfoliated weekly for the best makeup results. 
  • That everyone has clean and dry hair for each styling (there is a $15 fee to blow dry wet hair) and please, if you want curls, DO NOT flat iron your hair
  • That you provide inspiration pictures for your PRO. If no pictures can be found don’t fret, they can still work with you.


  • Reserving a PRO is easy: 
    1. Enter your event information.
    2. Search available Hair Stylists and/or Makeup Artists to find your favorite.
    3. Then make the reservation payment

Your artist will contact you directly within 24 hours!

  • Reservation payments are non-refundable after 24 hours of your reservation. At that time, you will receive your PRO’s contact information by email. They may have already contacted you. 
  • We strongly suggest you don’t wait to book your PRO as it’s FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDReservations are not confirmed until the booking payment is made.
  • After reservation, your PRO will give you further instructions on paying your balance. The reservation payment is also a payment toward your final balance and will be deducted by your artist on their future invoice.
  • The services our PROS offer are also explained further in our price guide. 


  • Each PRO is an independent contractor. Hair & Makeup PROS, LLC does not assume responsibility for the PRO you have booked through the site (see Terms of Service). Once you have made your selection and the reservation payment, all further responsibilities of services and payment is that of the PRO artist. 

Thank you for taking your time to read our policies! We are looking forward to working with you again soon!

Sincerely, The Hair & Makeup PROS staff and PRO Artists

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