Frequently asked questions


What is the minimum number of services I can book a PRO for?

-For onsite services you can book a minimum of two services (for example: 1 hair + 1 makeup = 2 services). For in-studio PROS you can book a minimum of 1 service. 


When will my PRO contact me?

-Your PRO will receive your booking information immediately and try their best to contact you within 24 hours. If for any reason they can’t, their contact information will automatically be emailed to you 24 hours after booking. After that you can contact your PRO any time. 


What happens with my booking pAyment?

-If you booked a PRO, or ‘PRO in the Making’ through the Hair & Makeup PROS site, it is a payment towards your service. If you booked a Student PRO, it is a payment in full for all services rendered by the Student. Tipping your Student PRO is strongly encouraged. 



-If you have made a booking on the Hair & Makeup PRO site by error, you have 24 hours to cancel and receive a full refund for your booking payment. You will need to call or email the site to start the refund process. 1(225)522-2664 or info@hairandmakeppros.com

After the refund has been processed, the reservation with your PRO will also be cancelled immediately.


What is the maximum number of services I can book a PRO for?

-The site will only allow you to book a maximum of 6 hair and/or makeup services per artist. If you have more than 6, the site will ask you to spread those services evenly between all PROS you book at checkout. 


How long will it take my PRO to perform services for my event?

-The Hair & Makeup PRO site automatically factors one hour for each service to be done. For instance, if you need 3 Makeup applications, the site will book your artist for 3 hours. The same applies for a hair stylist.

What if I want the same PRO to do both my hair and makeup for my event?

-The way the site works is you will have the option to book your Makeup Artist(s) first, then your Hair Stylist(s). After booking your PROS through the site, you both are free to customize your needs by changing any variation or number of hair and makeup services. For instance, if you see that a PRO that you like does both hair and makeup, you can follow the site process to book that PRO for your hair OR makeup services (up to 6 total), then talk with them personally about doing both for your event. If they can’t, you can come back to the site and book your other PRO for the remaining service.


Can I have only my hair or only my makeup done for my portrait session?

-Yes, the PRO you choose will be both a Hairstylist and a Makeup Artist, but you can ask them to do only one or the other. However, your final cost will be for both services. 



How long will it take for my pro to get me ready?

-The site will schedule a full two hours for your services, but in some cases, it could take as little as an hour to have you ready. 



confirmation email

Why have I not received a confirmation email from the site?

-It’s possible that you entered the wrong email address during the booking process. You may need to call or email Hair & Makeup PROS to confirm your order and correct your email address. 1(225)522-2664 or info@hairandmakeuppros.com.

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