On this page you will find educational information for the next stretch of your business. After carefully reading everything, you will be prompted to take a short quiz on the information. Take your time, and even take notes if you want, but put on your thinking cap and jump in!


As an onsite artist, this is the convenience you offer your clients. It means you will conduct services wherever is most convenient for your clients, with consideration of your needs as the artist.

What are your needs? Every location will be transformed into your workstation.   Check out the list below to learn what that will require:

·         An electrical plug-in for hair tools – within reach. It’s a good idea to keep an extension cord in your car just in case.

·         Good lighting

o   Windows with natural light are always the best to sit your client directly in front of.

o   Avoid direct light over-head or from only one side that will cast funky shadows. It’s too difficult to get a good look at your client’s makeup and overall “look” if there are heavy shadows on their face.

o   Position yourself where there are no bright lights in your own eyes.

o   Don’t be hesitant to move things around in the room, like lamps and tables to accommodate your needs. If you’re unsure or just want to be polite to your host, it’s good to ask. They will appreciate it!

·         A table

o   Not too small, tall or short. When it’s too tall, you can’t easily reach into your kit. When it’s too short you’ll hurt your back after a few clients from bending down too far. Too small, and you can’t be efficient when laying all your products out, and your supplies will end up on the dirty floor.

o   If you’re in a house, a dining room table often provides a good amount of room, AND the natural lighting is usually good there too!

·         A chair

o   Not just any chair. Some people think that for applying makeup the taller the chair, the better…not so. If you can’t easily reach your clients face, your arms will get crazy tired. Try a shorter stool, or a normal chair and add a nearby accent pillow if needed for height and comfort. Your client will appreciate it, and so will your back from not having to bend over so far. If your client has an office chair, these are the best! They rotate around, they’re comfy, and usually they adjust up and down.

·         Sufficient room to work

o   This is for safety. Consider the need of each stylist when doing hair, to give room to work all around your client. And when doing makeup, to step back easily to check your work frequently. Giving yourself enough room will ensure no one gets bumped, burned, poked or stepped on.

Of course, if any of these particular items aren’t available, we work with what we have. We can work anywhere and we can make anything work!


Customer service is, unfortunately a dying concept… but we’re going to keep it ALIVE!

The Hair and Makeup PRO STAFF enforces the idea of “the customer is always right”.  Of course, there are times when this doesn’t really apply, but overall each customer needs to have a voice and feel cared for.  We are here to serve our clients and serve them well. The easiest way to describe what great customer service should look like, is to imagine yourself as a customer at your favorite restaurant…how would you want to be treated?

Answer these questions in your mind: If I ordered my food a specific way, how would I expect the server to react to my request? What could they say to make me feel important to them? What reaction would I want if I told them my order was wrong? Is there anything else they could do to make me feel like I was their favorite customer of the whole day?

However you would want to be treated would generally be the character you should have when serving others. This is how you get good reviews, and repeat customers.


This is part of having good customer service. If you’re not happy, your clients are less likely to be happy too.

Let’s say you have a large bridal party and the work is demanding and stressful. It’s worth the time to slip away and take a minute to yourself. Don’t wait to do this. Go to your car or find a restroom stall. Sit down, breathe deep, rest, eat, cry… whatever you need to do in order to be happy and peaceful for your client. This could save your reputation.


If you’ve ever worked a bridal party it’s no secret, they can be exhausting. Weddings are a huge event and there can be a lot of stressful situations involved. One of the biggest stresses on the artist can be the need to make a first impression with each client you service. They don’t know you, or your abilities, so there’s a need to establish trust and likability. This means you must be “on” the entire time, and that can be exhausting. The answer is to stay peaceful, approach them confidently about your capabilities, and ask all sorts of questions about themselves so the focus is on them. Most people like talking about themselves, it makes them comfortable and will help them like you.

Another very important way to make a great first impression, is how you do the “reveal”, or “first look”. It’s not always a good idea to work on your client in front of a mirror. If you do, it lessens the chance of the client being “wowed” by the final result and gives them the opportunity to make suggestions and judgements of your work along the way. This can be frustrating for both of you. When the client watches the process, it puts more pressure on you to perform, and takes away from the glory of the final reveal. Once you’re pleased with your results, walk them to a mirror with great lighting. Lighting is key! Harsh and overhead lighting can cast strange shadows, and at first glance they could feel hideous. That is NOT the look you’re going for, and NOT the first impression you can afford. First impressions are very difficult to overcome. Plan to check out all mirrors when you first arrive, to choose where you will take each client to see their results, and ask, does this lighting make me look pretty? Also, when you’re done, ask if there is anything they might want different. Reassure them that you can do whatever they want. If the makeup is too much for them, suggest they take a few minutes to get used to the look, and come back a bit later if they still want something different. Most people simply aren’t used to change, so giving them time can solve most of their concerns.


Clients feel better knowing their artists and their tools are clean and sanitized. There are little things you can do while working.

·         Keep your kit clean and organized.

·         Wash your hands between each service. Tell your client where to have a seat and that you are going to wash your hands and will be right back. Take any used combs or quick-drying Makeup brushes with you and wash them too.

·         Use your PRO Create Brush Sanitizing Spray. Spritz your brushes lightly, then wipe them clean with a paper towel or tissue after each spray down. Feel free to spray it on your hands anytime, in front of your client …even all over your kit if you want!

·         Never pick-up a dropped tool from the floor while working with a client.

·         Always use a new, cosmetic sponge, cotton swab, or disposable applicator.

Being clean and tidy is another form of professionalism.


The Hair & Makeup PROS staff is highly concerned for your safety. Being an onsite artist can take you to some sketchy-looking places. They’re not always sketchy, but don’t take any chances. There is wisdom in planning ahead to meet your unforeseen client to assure you are safe. Here are some examples:

·         Have at least one phone conversation with your client prior to your meeting.

·         Give a close friend all your whereabouts for the day, before leaving for your appointment.

·         Meet your client in a public place at time of the appointment, for example; a hotel lobby, a venue’s front office, or if at a private residence then at your car parked in the street.

·         If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time you should leave immediately.

·         Let the staff at Hair & Makeup PROS know the details of any client from the site showing suspicious correspondence at any time.

·         Call 911 if there is an immediate threat.


When arriving to a residence, be respectful. It’s not always polite to park in the driveway. Just ask the person who hired you if there is a good place to park, if you’re not sure.     

KNOWING OUR CUSTOMER POLICIES (read carefully to fully understand and, if possible, memorize):


·         Simple booking and cheaper options for hair styling and makeup application services.

·         The option for in-studio or on-site services. Each ‘PRO in the Making’ can either come to you fully equipped or service your events hair styling and makeup application needs in their studio. The choice is yours at time of booking.

·         Our ‘PRO in the Making’ community consists of recently graduated hair stylists and/or makeup artists up to 6 years of experience. They are eager to further their career and are counting on you to make that happen!

·         One price guide for all ‘PROS in the Making’. We keep it simple…no matter which ‘PRO in the Making’ you choose; their prices are the same!


·         For weddings a minimum of 2 services. For example, 2 hairstyles + 1 makeup = 3 services (Trial runs are not included in the wedding day minimum services required.)

·         For portraits a minimum of both hair and makeup, as you will see reflected in the price guide.

·         For commercial shoots a minimum of our half day charge to come onsite.


·         Not waxing your brows or receiving an “out of the ordinary” facial any closer than 5 days prior to the event. (For brow grooming we strongly suggest threading vs waxing, results are more natural).

·         Your trial run should be done within 2-6 weeks before your wedding if possible (Trial runs are a separate charge and they are not required but strongly suggested). Also, it’s fun to schedule your trial before another event such as engagement photos, bridal shower!

·         We also suggest that your face be well exfoliated weekly for the best makeup results.

·         That everyone has clean and dry hair for each styling (there is a $15 fee to blow dry wet hair) and please DO NOT flat iron your hair if you want curls.

·         That you provide inspiration pictures for your ‘PRO in the Making’. If no pictures can be found don’t fret, we can still work with you.


·         Reserving a ‘PRO in the Making’ for your date is easy: 

    • Give us your event information.
    • Search available artists to find your favorite.
    • And make the reservation paymentYour artist will contact you directly within 24 hours!

·         Reservation payments are non-refundable after 24 hours of your reservation. At that time, you will receive by email your PRO’s contact information, if they haven’t contacted you already.

·         We strongly suggest you don’t wait to book your ‘PRO in The Making’ as it’s FIRST COME, FIRST SERVEDReservations are not confirmed until payment is made.

·         After reservation, your ‘PRO in the Making’ will give you further instruction on paying your balance. The reservation payment will be applied to (deducted from) your final balance.

·         The services our ‘PROS in the Making’ offer are also explained further in our price guide.


Each PRO in the Making is an independent contractor. Hair & Makeup PROS, LLC does not assume responsibility for the ‘PRO in the Making’ you have booked through the site (see Terms of Service). Once you have made your selection and the reservation payment, all further responsibilities of services and payment is that of the PRO artist.


Trust that you have chosen an excellent career. One that gives you freedom to make your own schedule and promise more money in less time. Times might get difficult, you may receive a negative review from time to time, but stay hopeful and positive! This is how we grow.