Dear Student PRO, we are very pleased that you’re passionate about your career and that you’re interested in joining our site! We are also passionate about hair and makeup, but even more about the idea of doing what brings us all joy. Because ultimately, if it brings you joy you will be successful no matter what. We do things a little differently here at Hair & Makeup PROS to makes the process easier for clients, and to give you more first-time clients than any other platform out there. This paragraph, and the next, will help determine if being a PRO artist is really for you. If you decide to expand your career by joining the Hair & Makeup PROS community, we couldn’t be more excited for you. The process is simple. You will be required to read a short educational workbook, then take a quick quiz. When that is complete, and you pass, you will be given your own Bio Page to customize for new clients to see!

What Hair and Makeup PROS has to offer YOU: 

  • Our staff is dedicated to establishing and supporting independent artists. We are not here to take away your individuality but enhance it by giving you a platform to get your own clients, and by offering pertinent education. 
  • You will get your own Bio Page to display images of yourself and your portfolio. You can write about yourself and gather reviews for potential customers to read. Your page will also show an active counter to display how long you have been on the site.
  • We work with your schedule: You will have complete control over your availability calendar by the hour. 
  • One price guide for all PRO artists. As a Student PRO you will be working for tips only, and school hours (if your school allows). After graduating up to a PRO in the Making, every artist on the PRO site will charge the same price for the same service booked through this site. These prices are predetermined by the PRO staff. They are current and competitive in your region based on your tier of experience. 
  • Forms for you to download and utilize: Since the price guide is the same for each artist (based on your region and tier of experience) when you graduate we will offer you these price guides and invoices through your own private link in your dashboard. This helps eliminate any confusion when the clients are researching many different artist profiles. They will prefer to search only the Hair & Makeup PROS site because it’s easier. We also offer client-sheet forms for you to document their personal information, event details, and payment activity.
  • The best part about getting business here is as a Student PRO, you NEVER pay to be on the site
  •  As you graduate from schooling onto a PRO in the Making, you will be paid for your services. 
    • This is how you pay to be on the site
      1. We attract clients to view your Bio Page and they book your services.
      2. They pay a small booking fee through the site to Hair & Makeup PROS, LLC.
      3. When you’re done servicing their event and fill out their invoice, you deduct their booking fee from their total owed to you. 

That’s it! Virtually no money out of your pocket…ever. So that means no wasted advertising fees. 

Now that we’ve shared what we can be for you, we’d like to share what you can be for us. As we’re sure you know, there is more to being a PRO than just having the ability to style hair and apply makeup. If you are set on being successful, there are many other skills to be honed along the way as well. 

Being a PRO means you’re not just a stylist or an artist…you are running your own business. You will be a bookkeeper, a public relations manager, a marketing agent, a career student, an event scheduler, a correspondence genius, and even a purchasing manager. If you find yourself strong in all these areas, or at least working on all of them, then we believe you have what it takes to represent the hair and makeup service industry and will be thrilled to support your business.

Many PROS choose to adapt our business tools to help structure their own businesses, and we encourage that. The effort has already been put into the highly successful tools we offer, and we want you to benefit from them. However, this is YOUR business, so you can, of course, structure it however you want. 

If you like what you’re reading and have decided you want to be a part of the Hair and Makeup PROS community, please continue to the short workbook and quiz part of your registration. Once completed and passed, you will have access to customize your Bio Page. This is the fun part! You will then have your own dashboard to upload photos of your work, write about yourself and customize your calendar with your available dates. As soon as that’s done your page will be LIVE, and clients can start booking your services all over town! 

If at any time you have questions, the PRO staff team is here for you. Call anytime!  1(903) PRO-HELP or TEXT 1(225) 552-2664


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